This Cape May couple’s passion for history earned them recognition from the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Joe and Anne Salvatore were named “Unsung Heroes” by the organization for starting two nonprofit museums in Cape May.

One museum is the Historic Cold Spring Village, which gives visitors a representation of early American Life. Some preserved buildings were built in the 1800s; one was even built in 1691.

The Salvatores also established Naval Air Station Wildwood, which houses 26 airplanes ranging from World War I aircraft to modern fighter jets. “We feel good when a veteran comes in and he says, ‘You know, I flew in that type of airplane,’” says Joe. The couple also started a beer brewery, Cold Spring Brewery, located on Seashore Road in Cape May.

“There’s something so rewarding about having an idea and having it come to fruition and flourish,” says Anne.
The Salvatores also worked to get multiple sites listed on the state and national registries of historic places. They say that they are proud to be from New Jersey.

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