After his graduation from Rhode Island School of Design in 1979,[1] White moved to New York City, where he began career as a photographer.[citation needed] Though initially focused on shooting portraits for young musicians and actors, the 40 trips White took to South America over the course of four years on travel assignments would ultimately give the photographer his first major successes. “I was very interested in doing music and Hollywood and moving into lots of younger magazines like Guitar and little pop magazines. I marched some of my South American work to Rolling Stone and won an assignment to do Yoko Ono,” White says.

White has since contributed to the covers of magazines such as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Playboy,[citation needed] as well as hundreds of movie posters for Hollywood’s studios, including Sony, Paramount and Universal.[citation needed] His work has also been seen on album covers for musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, and Jon Bon Jovi.[citation needed] Named “one of the most influential people in photography” by American Photo Mag, White is the recipient of such awards as the  “International Photographer of the Year” and a spot in the New Jersey Hall of Fame. ​

Several books of White’s work have been published: Timothy White: Portraits (published by Rizzoli); Indian Larry (published by Merrell); and Hollywood Pinups (Harper Collins). White has also directed music videos, television commercials and major ad campaigns for brands like.

Timothy White has been honored for his pro bono work for City Harvest, the ACLU, and Riverkeeper.[citation needed] The Newark Museum opened its gallery in the summer of 2003 with a retrospective installation of White’s work. White, who is an avid car collector, also photographs automobiles.

Relocating his studio to Los Angeles in 2013, White parlayed his representation by Morrison Hotel Gallery, the international leader in fine art music photography, into a partnership when he oversaw the opening of the gallery’s West Hollywood outpost located within the historic Sunset Marquis hotel.

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